Since August 2019,  SkyEagle Aviation Academy has been offering advanced flight training for its students. We are now pleased to announce that we are providing flight training in our Aerobatic Extra 330LX. This particular aircraft, which was built in 2011, began its’ career as a support aircraft for The Red Bull Air Races, which is the most popular air race circuit in the world. Thereafter, Mike Goulian of Goulian Aerosports, purchased the airplane to fly in various worldwide air shows. SkyEagle Aviation is now the proud owner of this powerful and sleek airplane in which we conduct Aerobatic, Spin, and UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery) Training Programs.

  • Aerobatic Introductory Flight: The first and basic aerobatic flight consisting of simple maneuvers: We will familiarize you with loops, rolls (aileron roll, barrel roll, slow roll etc.), “hammerhead”, “Cuban Half” and spins. The lesson will begin with a preflight and safety briefing, as well as a discussion of the maneuvers they will perform. During the 45-minute flight, the student will have the opportunity to take control of the airplane and demonstrate these maneuvers.
  • Spin Training:Even though spin training is mandatory for Flight Instructor Training, it is beneficial for all pilots to go through the curriculum and learn how to recover from a spin. The flight will consist of the instructor placing the aircraft into various spins and teach the student how to recover the aircraft. After practicing, the student will be able to do these maneuvers by himself. After successfully completing the course, the student will receive The Spin Endorsement, which is added on to the pilot certificate. This class will make a pilot more confidant and safer when taking command of an aircraft.
  • UPRT Training: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training: One of the many causes of fatal aircraft accidents in recent years is a Loss-of-Control during flight. Today’s aircraft are equipped with modernized technology and automated systems, enabling pilots to act as “operators” as opposed to actually flying the aircraft using the classic “stick-and-rudder” skill set. Unfortunately, there are times when technological systems fail and inexperienced airmen are unable to gain control of the aircraft. We will be able to take a student flying and place the airplane into a variety of unusual attitudes which then would require a safe recovery. This type of flight will help any pilot refresh the basic “stick-and-rudder” skills to gain more confidence and proficiency.
  • Basic Aerobatic Training: For those students who would like to gain experience and proficiency in aerobatic flying, we are happy to offer a package of 5 lessons (5 hours of flight plus 3 hours of ground instruction) on the basic principles of energy management, aerodynamic, and aerobatic maneuvers.
  • Tailwheel Training and Endorsement: For any pilots that are interested in learning how to fly a tailwheel aircraft, they will be able to train on our aircraft and receive a tailwheel endorsement. The lesson consists of four to five take offs and landings in the traffic pattern to become familiar with this classic landing gear configuration.

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