Professional Cirrus Training

with Cirrus Certified Instructor

Anyone may rent Cirrus Aircraft so long as they provide a copy of their pilot’s license, current medical, and driver’s license. All renter policies require Cirrus Aircraft Insurance Checkout Requirements included applicable Cirrus Transition Training Certificates with a Cirrus Training Center (CTC) instructor.

SkyEagle Aviation Academy offers two Transition Courses for Cirrus Aircraft (Avidyne and Garmin Perspective avionics):

  • Cirrus Transition Course – for Private and Commercial pilots intended to fly Cirrus SR series in VFR conditions
  • Cirrus Advanced Transition Course – for Instrument rated pilots which include VFR and IFR Standard Operation Procedures
  • 90 and 180 day refresher courses available
  • Avionics Courses – We offer training in either The Garmin Perspective Avionics Package or The Avidyne Avionics Package. It is recommended you are proficient and knowledgeable in both avionics packages even though you might have experience in one more than the other.

Introductory Flights are available with our Certified Standardized Instructor Pilot who will show you all the features and benefits of this aircraft.

We have our own 2018 Cirrus SR20 with Garmin Perspective Avionics Package with less than 1400 hours of total time. The aircraft looks brand new and is in perfect condition inside and out.

Cirrus Embark is a program designed exclusively for new owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft. The program includes complimentary training to address the specific needs of pilots and owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft. Complimentary Cirrus Transition Training is designed for licensed pilots transitioning into a Cirrus aircraft, this course focuses on mastering aircraft control and avionics, along with standard procedures. The course is FREE and satisfies most insurance requirements and includes up to 3 days of flight training with an authorized Cirrus Training Partner.

Sky Eagle Aviation Academy
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