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1. What is not included in the estimated price? What are some additional costs if I come and train with zero to commercial?

The price does not include:

  • Accommodation: We don’t have an idea on the comfort you are usually to living in. A student house that we offer starting at $30, with a possibility of sharing a room with another student. The hotel is usually $70. You can find decent housing in our area without any issues.
  • Food: We have no idea what you are used to eating. For some people sandwich is ok, and someone wants to have caviar. US prices for food are high, be prepared to at least $30 per day to spend on food.
  • Transport: In the US, it is nearly impossible to navigate without using a car. We offer our students a car rental from $45 per day for daily rental or for $950 dollars a month. This is the lowest price in the market, you can look for yourself.
  • Books, charts, and supplies: These are chosen by the student and depending on the course and the price can be a couple hundred dollars.
  • Practical Test Fees: The cost for a check ride is $650, we don’t select this amount. It is determined by the examiner. Keep in mind, and it is always stated in the price lists – all of our prices for full courses are based the minimum required flying according to FAA regulations. If you need additional training – you have to pay extra as well.
  • Medical Certificate: usually costs about $120.
  • Insurance: We have aircraft insurance and health insurance of students in the event of an accident in a restricted limit, but life insurance and more serious insurance – it is your responsibility.
2. The exact calculation of the cost of

All prices listed in our price lists published on websites. We also reserve the right to change prices at any time without prior notice. The market is changing very fast, fuel prices are rising, inflation in the United States varies around 5% a year, so we reserve the right to increase prices. As a rule, current students we do reserve discounts and the price level at which they started their training. This does not apply fuel surcharges.

We do not take taxes from the students and do not have any hidden fees. The calculation of a flight invoice is made on the basis of the cost of flight hour. Flying hour is recorded by the Hobbs meter in the airplane.

More accurately calculate the value does not exist, this is because all people are different. Some people need 45 hours to complete a training program for a PPL others may need 60 hours or more. Therefore, we do not fix the price of the course, we will fix the cost of flight hours and the work of our instructors.

3. Do you provide housing?

Yes, we have a student house, it is a 10 minute drive from our school. The house has 3 bedrooms (it is possible to reserve a fourth). The house includes a kitchen, living room, and all utensils for normal living. Our rooms have beds, a bedside table, a chair. Medium and large rooms have a desk to work. The house includes high speed internet access. We do not assign students in pairs, each room is designed for one student. However, if you decide to come with your girlfriend / boyfriend – we do not mind.

4. Is it possible then you have to work as an instructor?

If you are a foreign national without a Green Card, US passport or without a work visa – no, we cannot employ you, it’s illegal. If you win a Green Card or a US citizen – please send us your resume. Generally, we take the work of the best of the best graduates in the performance of a number of requirements.

5. What are the key features distinguish you from other schools?

We have a few differences, which we hope will make a choice in our favor:

  • We are working not only with the part of the flight, as many schools and instructors who need only a raid, we also pay a lot of time theory. Much more than in other schools. We carry out individual and group sessions throughout the theoretical material.
  • All our aircraft – our. Sometimes we rent a twin-engine plane, because our service is in or long-term lease.
  • we have our own mechanics, so downtime equipment on the ground – the minimum. and we almost always have a replacement, if an aircraft does not fly, second and third fly.
  • we have a great atmosphere, friendly, professional and warm. Go – see for yourself)
  • we are not the cheapest on the market and we do not want to be the cheapest. We – quality.
6. Do you have a program from the ground up to unlearn airline pilots?

There is such a program, but it is designed for US citizens who may, after obtaining a commercial pilot license to stay and work as an instructor and gain the necessary license for 1,500 hours pilot line.

If you are a foreign citizen – you can watch dial independently at their own expense (renting we bought himself a plane or a plane and naletyvaya 100 hours per month). It will be expensive, but unfortunately no other choice.

7. I have heard, to get a job you need a lot of flying hours, and after graduation is not enough. How to be in this situation?

The answer to this question is in the second section of our FAQ.

8. How long do you need to obtain a license of the pilot line and how much will it cost all together from scratch?

If you are not a US citizen and cannot work there as an instructor, this process can take several years.

  • get a commercial pilot license (CPL ME) can be 6 months from scratch. But it will give you 250 hours of flight time.
  • Next you need to accumulate 1500 hours. Or at least 1200, to try to get into the charter company or business jet. These times can be bought (and it will cost by no less than $ 100 per hour at the cheapest plane), you can buy a plane in the US and to fly it anywhere.
  • When you have 1,500 hours, you can get your ATP Airline Transport Pilot License (with or without type rating) and from that moment you can begin to talk seriously.

But all cases are individual, someone finds a way to employment license CPL ME and 250 flying hours. Look!

9. I applied for political asylum, the interview has already passed, waiting for an answer, is it possible to learn with you?

You Can. To us, you can learn to do with any lawful status in the United States. You will not be able to do to us to learn, if you are in the country illegally.

10. How to commit a payment?

Payment occurs frequently, we require the presence of the account not less than $ 500 at any given time. We do not allow to go into negative and do not give credit. You need to pay in advance so that the learning process is not interrupted. We also accept payment in fact for each flight with the “one-time” students, or those who are planning to study for a long time and slowly. We sincerely ask our students to come ready to train with payment for the program in full. It is sad to see a student who has completed 80% of training and runs out of funds suddenly. We would have to pause training and wait for the next payment.

11. As far as the student is loaded at the time during the training period?

It all depends on the student only. We work with our students on a 1 on 1 basis with the instructor. We have an individual approach. If only come to learn with us – you can do every day for 4-7 hours with a two-day off per week, and the entire course from zero to CPL you take may be less than 5 months.

You can come for business or pleasure, or you live here and want to do no more than twice a week. Then a full course can take a year and a half. A private pilot course is easily up to 6 months. You choose and adjust your load of training.

12. Are there any benefits to the similarity of installments possible? Loans and financing?

We are not a financial institution and we do not provide any loans or financing installments. They are engaged in special financial institutions, banks, foundations. There are several organizations which fund training of pilots, but they all work with US residents. If you are a US resident, you can contact or AOPA or Pilot Finance and they can help you.

If you are a foreigner – you can go to your local bank, in some cases, our students have received funding in the country. We can provide all the necessary documents.

13. When would you start training?

Anytime you can start. As we noted above, we work individually according to your schedule.