Airplanes for rent

Besides flight training, we provide aircraft rentals to our graduates.


  • Must hold a valid private or commercial pilot certificate
  • Must have a current flight review noted in the log book
  • Must have a valid medical certificate
  • Must pass the check-out procedure with an instructor
  • Must have renter’s insurance in an amount no less than $ 50,000 (one-time loss) for the airplane. (Avemco non-owner insurance).


  • Hourly aircraft rental is priced at standard rates of the academy
  • 5 flight hours deposit must be paid prior to flight.

Multi Engine Airplane

$325.00 / hour

IFR certified

$165.00 / hour

IFR certified

$165.00 / hour

IFR Certified

$165.00 / hour

Cirrus SR20 G6, Garmin G1000 Perspective+ Package, A/C, CAPS Parachute System, 2018

$350.00 / hour

IFR certified, newest Garmin GTN635 WAAS

$165.00 / hour

Cirrus SR-20 G2, Avidyne avionics, dual Garmin 430W, CAPS Parachute System, 2006

$215.00 / hour

Сomplex airplane with Garmin 950 and autopilot

$285.00 / hour
Aircraft Rental Prices
Rental prices range from $165/hr up to $325/hr. All our airplanes are rented wet, which includes fuel and oil. Rental rates subject to change.